Foot Worship Mistress

All about hot mistresses making slaves worship sexy feet.

Miss Jane is really cruel and does ugly nasty thing to her slaves. In this clip she got bored from "normal" torturing, so she decided to do something new! She made him kneel right in front of her and first let him sniff and worship her sweaty socks as introduction. Then she picked her nose and made him eat up boogers!!! What a disgusting little slave...

Maeva wears a nice schoolgirl outfit in this clip. She sits on the toilet and makes her slave worship her. First she spits in his mouth, then she makes him worship her sexy bare feet. He licks, sucks and obey her the entire time. She rubs her feet all over his face and humiliates him a lot.

Sandy sits on a chair and relaxes. Her friend kneels in front of her and takes off her shoes. First he rubs her socked feet and then he removes her socks and starts to worship her sexy cute bare feet. He kisses them several times and licks them for her. He also sucks her toes - she really enjoys him worship her feet.

Mistress Katja and her girlfriend are sitting on the sofa and command their little slave for their very own amusement. They make him lick the bottoms of their shoes clean, laugh about him and humiliated him. After they are bored by him they make him become their footstool.

Bianca is a Russian model and absolutely beautiful! In this clip you can her sitting and relaxing on a chair while making her footslave worship her feet. She commands him to lick between her toes and also the entire sole. He does as he is told to and tries his best to please her.

In this clip you can see Lady Maurice and her slave sniffing her shoes and socks. She sits on a sofa and presses each shoe on his mouth and nose, making him smell her footscent. After that he is made to smell her stinky sweaty socks. As reward he is allowed to lick his mistress' bare feet clean.

Mistress Vanessa arrives at her expensive AMG Mercedes. But she has dirty feet and doesn't want to enter her car like that - so she makes her slave lying on the floor while licking her dirty soles clean. She laughs, humiliates and taunts him that he is such a pervert guy who's into girl feet - but she also finds it very amusing...

Mistress Katja sits and relaxes on the couch. She has her slave lying under a cover while she sits on his chest. She makes him smell her sneakers! Then she takes them off to push them against his face. After that he has to sniff her sweaty socks and at last he is allowed to offer his face as her personal footrest...

Mistress Cathy relaxes on the couch and makes her little servant lick her bare feet. She laughs at him and humiliates him a lot while he is commanded to suck her toes and her soles clean. He does a good job - and as reward he has to clean her feet with his tongue every from now on...

In this clip you can see mistress Maeva and Mistress Lea outside in a park with their slave. They want to teach him a lessen! First one of them throws him on the ground, while the other girl puts her boot-heel right on his mouth. Both woman work together and make this little slave lick their boots clean inch by inch.

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