Foot Worship Mistress

All about hot mistresses making slaves worship sexy feet.

Mistress Holly sits on her favorite sofa as her slave enters the room with his hands on his back. She commands him to worship her sexy bare feet. He gets over to her, bends forward and starts to kiss and lick his mistress' feet using his slave tongue. She laughs and is visibly amused about his devotion.

Lady Katja stuck her slave under a couch. While she keeps sitting on it she has evil plans to punish her slave. She spits on the sole of her shoes and smears it against her slaves face. She makes him lick all the nasty, slimy stuff and laughs as he follows her instructions in fear of new punishments...

The SadoSisters have kidnapped one guy from their class. He was stalking them and tried to watch them on toilet. This is his punishment - they bound him up and now he is made to lick and worship their dirty sneakers and boots. Both girls keep trampling him all the time as he cries and tries to escape they simply shut his mouth using duct tape.

Lady Annabelle has cuffed her slaves hands who is laying on the ground. She was walking through the city all day long and now her feet are really sweaty and stinky - the perfect assumption to torture and punish little foot perverts. So she keeps stroking his face with her socked feet. She makes him smell and laughs at him as she sees how much he likes her foot smell...

Mistress Penelope is mainly working in front of her computer. While she is doing her business, her slave lays down on the ground under her feet. She shoves her heels into his mouth and makes him suck them. Later she needs a foot-refresher and makes him lick and kiss them. She is pleased and continues her work as if he wasn't there...

Lady Anina sits on the toilet as she lifts her dirty bare feet over her slaves face who is laying on the ground right under them. She smiles as she lowers them until her soles are touching his face. The slave sticks his tongue out and the mistress keeps rubbing her bare soles over his tongue, again and again until her feet have become spotless again.

Lady Maurice likes it when her slaves are helplessly delivered to her. She puts her feet on his face and forces him so sniff and smell them. First he tries to get away but then he does what she wants and keeps worshipping, kissing, sucking and licking her beautiful bare feet.

Mistress Holly has cuffed her slaves hands right on his back making it impossible for him to free himself or to escape. Next she starts to rub her bare feet over his face. First he tries to get away but then she becomes angry and violently sticks his head between her feet after he accepted his new duty he does what she wants and worships her bare feet.

Mistress Katja sits on a black leather sofa while her slave lays on the ground next to her perfect feet. She wants to humiliate him a bit and spits on her shoes. After that she rubs her soles right on his face to make him lick up every bit of her saliva. She laughs as she humiliates him - later he is rewarded by licking her bare feet clean.

Mistress Joelle is one of the most beautiful and demanding princesses I've ever seen. This clips is special because it's filmed by Princess Briana - see their slave licking and serving Joelle's high heels and after that, having the reward of licking her bare feet clean...

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