Foot Worship Mistress

All about hot mistresses making slaves worship sexy feet.

Mistress Felicia was mad at her boyfriend. He had forgotten their anniversary and she did not want to talk to him. She gave him the silent treatment. But he knew how to get to her so he licked her socks and her feet. He massaged them nicely and she loved it and she started loosening up. He went on with what he was doing till he turned her on and made love to her and they buried the hatchet.

Mistress Dieni came from work early today because she felt like humiliating her slave. She had found out what he had done wrong and she knew it was the best way for her to have fun at his expense. She hurried home and immediately she entered the house, she got him to bring her cigarette and she smoked as she humiliated him with her feet. He had to lick her feet which she had made dirty for that purpose.

Princess Serena removed her socks and she was surprised to find that they were smelling. She accused her slave of being the reason her sneakers and her socks smelled. She humiliated him as punishment and the humiliation saw him lick her socks and sniff them. She also made him smell her sneakers before she felt it was enough punishment and let him go. But she told him to make sure they never smelled.

This mistress enjoys having fun at the expense of other people. And that is what she did today. She got this loser to lick her feet as she teased him and made him think that her feet and foot worshipping her was the ticket to her pussy. The guy did his best but she did not get as horny as he thought she would. That was when he realized she was having fun at his expense.

Mistress BlackSun was seated on her throne and was receiving reports from her subjects. When she got to this one, she was not impressed by what he had done. She had to ensure it never happened again. She wanted to be wowed by his performance so she got him to lick her feet as well as her high heels. When he was done licking, she got him to suck her feet.

Mistress Sanah was not pleased with how slow this loser was. She wanted him to do things in a faster manner and she had to let him know what she was willing to do to him if he did not up his game. She used her bare feet to punish him and teach him a lesson. She cruelly forced him to lick her dirty feet and she trampled his head painfully.

Mistress Vanny was not willing to let her slave get away with being forgetful. He was supposed to be her reminder and if he forgot, then she would be in trouble. So she punished him to make sure that he did not forget anything else. She had him lick her feet which she made sure were sweaty and smelly. She told him every time he forgot something, she would humiliate him. He did his best never to forget things.

Mistress Ava and her friend love to try new things and today they were trying foot worship. The mistresses enjoyed themselves as they got their feet licked as well as their toes sucked. The mistresses used flirting and seduction to get the guy to do it. He thought he was going to turn them on but they were not turned on. They were just having fun at his expense, something he found out much later.

Madame Marissa was surprised when this guy came to her and told her he would love to lick her feet as well as her socks. Most guys who went to her wanted to fuck her but this one surprised her with his request. She was curious so she agreed and she had fun getting her feet licked and smelled and that is how she came to have a foot fetish.

Mistress Ellie is into foot worship, She loves it when her feet are worshiped and she gets a kick out of it. She had had a slow day at work and she was bored. When she got home, she asked her slave to lick her boots. They were clean and her feet were not stinky but she wanted them licked. She wanted her feet worshiped and she also knew that it was still humiliating to lick her feet and boots even if they were not dirty.

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