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Mistress Lea and Mistress Kitty love to humiliate their slave and they love to do it nasty. They make their slave put stockings on his head and crawl around in the mud outdoors. They made sure to walk right through the mud so he would have plenty to lick off. The loser licks every bit of mud off of their boots so they can get them dirty again and do it all over.

One lucky slave gets to worship the feet of both Mistress Lea and Mistress Kitty. He has to be humiliated by wearing a stocking over his head and has to crawl around on the floor like a dog. He has to lick all the dirt off their high heels first. Then he has to sniff and lick the sweat off of their sexy bare feet and put his tongue between their toes.

Mistress Lea has been walking around outdoors and she got dirt and mud on her shoes. She sits down to relax on a bench and her footboy follows along right behind her because his mistress does not like to see mud on her shoes without him licking it off. She holds her feet up in his face while he does some heavy shoelicking and polishes her shoes with his tongue.

Mistress Lea's little foot slave is kneeling on the ground and waits that his mistress prepared his lunch to allow him to eat. She surfs the web on her laptop and begins to trample a sandwich with her sexy bare feet. After she is done she holds her soles right in front of his face and commands him to lick it all clean. He immediately begins to lick her feet and also to eat his slave meal...

Lady Lea returns from her dance workout. She has spent the last hours dancing in her sexy black boots. Now she takes them off and puts them over her slaves mouth and nose! He is forced to smell her shoes from inside and she enjoys making him do that. After she removes the shoe from his face she asks him how they smelled and he returns "great my mistress". She was pleased...

In this clip you can see mistress Maeva and Mistress Lea outside in a park with their slave. They want to teach him a lessen! First one of them throws him on the ground, while the other girl puts her boot-heel right on his mouth. Both woman work together and make this little slave lick their boots clean inch by inch.

Mistress Lea took her loyal slave out for a short walk in the park. It's very rainy and muddy outside and it comes as it was expected: The shoes of the mistress become dirty and very muddy. She has a seat and makes her slave lick up all the dirt from her boots! He is forced to swallow every little bit. After that she humiliates him by smearing the dirt all into his face...

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