Foot Worship Mistress

All about hot mistresses making slaves worship sexy feet.

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Goddess Lindsey and Princess Nadia make their shoe slave get on his knees as they force him to lick the soles of their dirty and stinky sneakers humiliating him with red pantyhose on his head. They then take their sneakers off forcing him to smell their dirty stinky socks one at a time while they laugh in his face. They then remove their socks as Goddess Lindsey shoves her toes in his mouth forcing him to lick her bare feet.

Mistress Mika gets out of a long eight hour class day and has been walking around all day so her feet are nice sweaty and stinky for this pathetic foot slave. She takes off her shoes as he gets down on his knees as she forces him to smell her stinky sweaty socks and then commands him to remove her socks and then get her stinky sweaty bare feet on his face to smell and lick clean.

Mistress Xenia has many different kinds of slaves like foot-slaves, face-sitting-slaves, house-cleaning-slaves and so on, but this one is one of her most amusing slaves. His "only" service consists of smelling her sweaty clothes for her pure amusement. There isn't any other need just the humiliating fact and her laughter - but isn't this still enough?

Janina is very excited about her new slave and the first thing she does is to introduce him with her foot-smell! She bound his hands together, put a chair on his chest which makes it impossible for him to escape. Then she sits down and rests her stinky socked-feet in his face. He is commanded to smell her toes. She keeps his nose between her wrinkling toes and laughs all the time as she hears him breathe...

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