Foot Worship Mistress

All about hot mistresses making slaves worship sexy feet.

All articles in archive 6/2010

Mistress Lady Eve sits in the window frame and smokes a cigarette. Her feet are really dirty and her slave is already kneeling in front of her. After he paid 150,00€ he is allowed to lick her dirty and stinky bare feet clean while she is smoking a cigarette. She laughs at him and taunts him that he is so pathetic to pay a young woman to lick her feet...

Mistress sexy Jeanette loves to stuff her stinky workout gym socks into her slaves mouth. While she has a nice comfortable seat on the sofa, he lays on the ground with his hands bound together. She removes her socks and makes her slave open his mouth. Next she pushes them into it by using her sexy bare feet...

Mistress Holly sits on her favorite sofa as her slave enters the room with his hands on his back. She commands him to worship her sexy bare feet. He gets over to her, bends forward and starts to kiss and lick his mistress' feet using his slave tongue. She laughs and is visibly amused about his devotion.

Lady Katja stuck her slave under a couch. While she keeps sitting on it she has evil plans to punish her slave. She spits on the sole of her shoes and smears it against her slaves face. She makes him lick all the nasty, slimy stuff and laughs as he follows her instructions in fear of new punishments...

The SadoSisters have kidnapped one guy from their class. He was stalking them and tried to watch them on toilet. This is his punishment - they bound him up and now he is made to lick and worship their dirty sneakers and boots. Both girls keep trampling him all the time as he cries and tries to escape they simply shut his mouth using duct tape.

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