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Mistress Natasha came home from a trip overseas and she found her slave sleeping in her room. She was mad at him and she forced him to explain to her why he did that. He did not have a convincing answer so she forced him to lick the soles of her shoes and she also had him do the same to her bare feet. She slapped him then let him go wit a warning.

Lady Karame wanted to test her slave and find out if he was able to do everything she wanted him to do for her. She wanted to test his obedience as well so she asked him to lick her feet while they were muddy. She watched as he did what she asked him. He tried his best to lick the mud off of her and she knew she would not have problems with him.

Mistress Sandra is a naughty mistress and her boyfriend loves that about her. He knows when she does naughty things to him, it means she is in a freaky mood and it always ends up well for him. Today she sat on his stomach and she made him lick and smell her feet. She also had him suck her toes. She dominated him and it turned him on. She was also turned on by how he did what she asked him. And the rest is history.

Miss Serena was relaxing at home when she tried to whisper to her slave's ear but she saw a lot of wax in it. She punished him for not being clean and not cleaning his ears well. She crushed his head with her bare feet to pump some sense into his head. She could not crush his ears so she did it to his face and to his head instead.

Mistress Felicia had a new slave and she wanted to test how obedient he was. Luckily for him, he understood he was being tested and even if he was humiliated by being made to lick and smell her feet as well as her shoes, he did it without question and impressed the mistress. He knew if he did anything less, he would be punished cruelly and he did not want that.

Madame Marissa is a punctual mistress. When her cab guy arrived late to pick her, she was pissed and she punished him for it. She made him lick her dirty soles. She humiliated him to make sure he kept time. She threw him in the trunk as she took over the car and sped away. He learned his lesson the hard way and never arrived late to pick her up again.

Princess Serena had a problem with how clean her slave was. She was not happy about it and had to make sure he changed especially since he lived in her house. She trampled him using her dirty socks. She even used the socks to cover his mouth and nose and nearly choked him. She stopped using the socks and resorted to using plastic bags to do it and the slave understood how serious she was.

Madame Marissa only eats food she considers superior. This slave gave her food she considered inferior. She does not eat inferior food since she might get sick. When her slave cooked bad food and gave her to eat, she tasted it and crushed it using her boots. She then asked her slave to eat the mess from the floor as well as eat what was on the soles of her boots.

Lady Krasaviza expects full and total obedience from her slaves and when it is not given, she punishes a slave as cruelly as she can. This slave did not do as she had told him today and she was mad about it. She tied a leash to his neck and she made him lick her dirty shoes while he was on all fours. She also made him lick the soles of her boots.

Mistresses Carolina and Mandy are mistresses who do not like to go out much. That is a problem for the slave since they are always home on their free time and some of those times, they like to have fun at his expense. Today they decided to make him their foot slave. They made him lick the soles of her feet and smell as well as lick their socks. The slave did as told as he knew there was no alternative.

Mistress Kitty wanted to show this loser who she was. She had tried to talk to him and tell him that she did not like nonsense but he did not listen. So she had to do it the hard way and she did it. She cornered him at the beach and forced him to lick the dirty soles of her sandals and used the sale sandals to crush his hands and fingers.

Madame Marissa does not appreciate being made to wait. And that is what this loser did. She had to make him pay for it because her time is valuable. She made the loser lick the soles of her dirty shoes before she trampled him with those same high heels. She then bundled him into the trunk of the car and sped off with him there. She did not even pay for the ride.

Goddess Victoria wanted to know how long it would take her slave to get tired and stop doing what she had made him do. She made him lick her dirty soles and her dusty shoes. He was doing a fantastic job and she instructed him to continue till she said otherwise. The guy tried and managed to do a few hours before she decided to let him go. He went like a rocket.

It had been long since mistress Maeva had humiliated her slave. She had to do something. She made the slave lick her high heel shoes both the sole and the other parts of the shoe. She enjoyed watching him do his work and she marveled at how quickly she had gotten the shoe clean. She muled over humiliating him further but decided to spare him because he had done a great job.

Jessy has a big foot. She therefore wears big shoes. When she wanted to humiliate her slave, she just trampled him with her shoes. She then made sure that she had them on and made him smell the stinking socks she was wearing. He tried his best but for this mistress, his best was simply not good enough. She trampled him till she got bored with it then she left her.

Cassandra was relaxing at home when she remembered she had not humiliated her slave in a while. She called him and made him lick and smell her stinky socks

Andie wanted to show her friend Jackie how to humiliate a guy. She made the slave lick her sweaty feet and stinky socks while her friend watched

I was working out to keep my figure. This loser came to admire what I was doing and I took the opportunity to have some fun by humiliating him. I made him lick my shoes and smell my socks

This guy wants to date me. He's willing to do anything. I know that and I take advantage of it to make him my bitch. I made him smell my stinking shoes and lick my dirty soles

Her socks were stinking. And they were the perfect way to punish her boyfriend for not buying her a good present for her birthday. She made him smell the stinking socks

Felicia was in the mood to have some fun, and her fun involved her trampling and humiliating her slave. She wore her hot pant and then ordered her slave to lie down while she sat on the couch. She made him smell her stinky socks and then rubbed them all over his face. She removed her smelly socks and then repeated the same with her sweaty and stinky bare feet

When Mistress Lydie has a day off from her stressful job, she decides she is going to go for a run. She has a great run in the woods behind her house. When she gets home, she has her slave waiting for her. She stops and jumps on his bare chest as a cool down and then sits. She puts her filthy shoe in his mouth, making him lick the grime off her shoe. She then puts her sock covered feet in his mouth as far as it can go. She sits and forces him to smell her sweat soaked feet until her heart rate falls.

Sweet Jenny Nina got herself a slave who would do just about anything to be close to her. She tests his loyalty by taking off her shoes then takes off her sweaty socks so he can sniff them and rub them in his face. She loves the humiliation she puts her slave through as she uses her bare feet to stuff the socks in his mouth and make him eat them.

When Vanessa is unhappy, she makes her slave unhappy. She has jut got home from a day out and she is tired. She wasn't able to get what she wanted so she makes her slave pay for it. She ties him up, orders him to the ground and takes her white boots off. She puts her smelly white socks and feet in his face, forcing him to smell until he is sick to his stomach.

Goddess Jessica takes her victim into her shower. She is in the mood for a little foot worship and she has the perfect foot slave to do what she wants done. She demands the foot slave to lick the sole of her boots before he sucks on her bare feet. He worships her sweaty feet, sucking on each toe. He gives her a long foot licking session. She stuffs her toes in his mouth.

Mistress Jeanette sits on her favorite couch as her slave lays on the ground next to it. She has bound his hands together and makes him smell her sweaty socks she has worn all day long. After she is done with that humiliating scenario, she puts off her socks to smother the slave with her stinky bare feet she pushes right against his face...

Mistress Ariana is a kick boxing champion. She loves fighting her male slaves and always seeks new victims. As reward for being kicked into his balls and beaten very hard, a slave is allowed to smell her stinky sexy feet. She loves making them to do that, it's such a nice humiliation and also very amusing for her...

Mistress Lara has spent the whole day in her sneakers and that's why they are smelling very bad. She commands a slave to lick them clean. After that he is made to take them off to sniff her socks and tell her how good they smell. In the end he is made to lick the sweat from her soles and toes while she is reading a magazine...

Lady Annabelle has cuffed her slaves hands who is laying on the ground. She was walking through the city all day long and now her feet are really sweaty and stinky - the perfect assumption to torture and punish little foot perverts. So she keeps stroking his face with her socked feet. She makes him smell and laughs at him as she sees how much he likes her foot smell...

Miss Jane is really cruel and does ugly nasty thing to her slaves. In this clip she got bored from "normal" torturing, so she decided to do something new! She made him kneel right in front of her and first let him sniff and worship her sweaty socks as introduction. Then she picked her nose and made him eat up boogers!!! What a disgusting little slave...

In this clip you can see Lady Maurice and her slave sniffing her shoes and socks. She sits on a sofa and presses each shoe on his mouth and nose, making him smell her footscent. After that he is made to smell her stinky sweaty socks. As reward he is allowed to lick his mistress' bare feet clean.

Mistress Katja sits and relaxes on the couch. She has her slave lying under a cover while she sits on his chest. She makes him smell her sneakers! Then she takes them off to push them against his face. After that he has to sniff her sweaty socks and at last he is allowed to offer his face as her personal footrest...

The Dark Mistress arrives back home after a long day outside in the rainy city. The first thing she does is making her little slave lick the bottom of her shoes clean. She spits on his face several times, and removes her shoes at last. Then she makes him smell her stinky socked feet to humiliate him...

Everybody should have an very own foot slave - that's Anina's opinion she tells us, as she shows us her bound slave who is kneeling on front of her. She makes him kiss and worship her sneakers, after that she holds her socked feet right into his face and at last she rewards this pathetic pervert by rubbing her sweaty feet into his face...

Mistress Kimi has her slave lying on the floor while she sits on his chest. First she makes him lick her boots clean - she shoves them right into her slaves mouth. After that he is commanded to smell her stinky socked feet and as reward she smothers his face with her bare feet! She makes him worship her like she deserves to be worshipped...

Mistress Xenia has many different kinds of slaves like foot-slaves, face-sitting-slaves, house-cleaning-slaves and so on, but this one is one of her most amusing slaves. His "only" service consists of smelling her sweaty clothes for her pure amusement. There isn't any other need just the humiliating fact and her laughter - but isn't this still enough?

Mistress Katja promised a reward to her slave after cleaning the whole house with his tongue. He was a bit surprised as he found himself fixed on the ground with his hands bound on a sofa. She talks to him:"Enjoy my reward" as she takes her sneakers off to push them against his nose! He cannot do anything but smell her stinky sneakers. After that she also makes him smell her socks and even her bare feet!

Janina is very excited about her new slave and the first thing she does is to introduce him with her foot-smell! She bound his hands together, put a chair on his chest which makes it impossible for him to escape. Then she sits down and rests her stinky socked-feet in his face. He is commanded to smell her toes. She keeps his nose between her wrinkling toes and laughs all the time as she hears him breathe...

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