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All about hot mistresses making slaves worship sexy feet.

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Kitty may be petite but she's fully in control when it comes time to have her feet cleaned. Walking around outside soon has her feet covered in all sorts of dust and dirt. Luckily she has her own slave lying down and ready to do her bidding. She forces her dirty feet into his mouth but when his licking isn't satisfactory she stands on his face to get the job done right.

These SadoSisters love making their boot slave worship their knee high boots. They love humiliating their slave by making him lick their dirty boots all the way down to their dirty soles. They love shoving their boots in his face forcing him to smell their dirty stinky shoes as he worships their high heel boots and takes whatever it is that these two boot mistresses make him do.

Sexy and gorgeous mistress Katja returns from her short walk in the forest. Her slave waited at the car right as she ordered him to do. Next he opens the car door and she sits on the drivers chair turning around and keeps holding her dirty soles right into his face. He instantly licks off every dirty spot on her soles and she begins to smile...

Lady Katja stuck her slave under a couch. While she keeps sitting on it she has evil plans to punish her slave. She spits on the sole of her shoes and smears it against her slaves face. She makes him lick all the nasty, slimy stuff and laughs as he follows her instructions in fear of new punishments...

Mistress Katja and her girlfriend are sitting on the sofa and command their little slave for their very own amusement. They make him lick the bottoms of their shoes clean, laugh about him and humiliated him. After they are bored by him they make him become their footstool.

Maeva and her slave are once again outside in the park. Suddenly the mistress noticed her dirty shoes and commands her slave so lick them clean for her. He kneels in front of her and she rubs her dirty soles right over his face! He swallows every muddy-bit for her amusement...

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